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Join our community of Wine lovers: more than 250 members from USA and Europe!


Are you a wine lover?
Would you like to know more about Italian wine?
Would you like to have access to Italian wine?
Join our private wine club and learn, taste and get to know Italian wines! You will fall in Love!

Who Are We?

Our Family has been in the restaurant business in Montepulciano, Italy, for generations and since 2006, when we opened the restaurant Osteria del Borgo, we developed a committed love for fine wine. Giacomo and Francesco Maramai, our two passionate sommeliers, have selected in these years all the wines displayed at Osteria del Borgo and Perbacco Wine Experience (yes, it’s been a hard work to taste all of those incredible wines and visiting all of those beautiful wineries, Lol).
We will guarantee a professional and friendly service, we would like to share our knowledge and passion for Italian wines with you!

Perbacco Wine Club Benefits

=>    No charge for membership, only for the wine!

=>    Free Shipping To USA(by buying and shipping wines together we get better fares)
=>    We pack our wines in a secure box and ship via air

=>   Two Orders per year:

         _ A mix of hidden gems of Italian viticulture and Small wineries along with Top                    quality wineries and good values.
         _ Discount on additional orders ranging between 7-12%


=>  Access to our website that will have Francesco’s Video Tips and tasting notes on               the wine club choices

=>  Organized trips in Italy in which you will be able to experience Tuscany at its best, meeting wine makers and joining the best wine tastings

=>  Special discounts on interactive Online tastings and wine masterclasses taken by Francesco and his special guests

        Are you visiting the Area?

=>     Free Wine tastings in Montepulciano/Montalcino in our numerous partner                         wineries. For Gold and Platinum members we will offer free                 

=>     Wine tours in the area.

=>   Osteria Del Borgo Restaurant – Discount at this highly reviewed restaurant!
=>  B&B Osteria Del Borgo – Discounted rates on this charming B&B in                                     Montepulciano 

=>  The more the merrier! -5% extra discount if you recommend us to a friend: we                 would like to extend our community, the more of us, the bigger the volumes, the cheaper the fares! 
=>     24/7 assistance, we will always be willing to help our members, your                                satisfaction  is our commitment!
=>   Whatsapp direct line with Francesco: +393334870497



Theme of the Shipment: “MILLENNIALS OF ITALIAN WINE” 

These wines have been selected by Francesco, we firmly believe that this selection represents the best we can offer in this price range.  Each wine will be paired with an iconic song from the 90s-2000s that has had an impact on Millennials.

Theme, Millennials of Italian wine
Theme, Millennials of Italian wine

Millennials of Italian wine

Manifesto 1
Manifesto 1

Millennials of Italian wine

Platinum Level
Platinum Level

Millennials of Italian wine

Theme, Millennials of Italian wine
Theme, Millennials of Italian wine

Millennials of Italian wine




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