These wines have been selected by our staff of sommeliers, we firmly believe that this selection represents the best we can offer in this price range.  This time the selection offers amazing gems made in cooler areas of Italy, from the far North on the mountains in the border with Switzerland, to cool areas of Tuscany, all the way down to Sicily on the top of the Etna Volcano . We have selected a variety of boutique wineries, in which hard working wine makers grow vines in difficult soils to provide a perfect mircoclimate to protect the plants from ‘global warming’ . We figured it’d be nice to show the countermeasures taken by Italian wine makers to fight climate change: new wine making techniques, higher elevation, volcanic and rocky soils and different sun exposure of the vineyards. The result is finesse, elegance and extremely palatable wines. Each one of the wines will be paired by Francesco to a famous song as usual. 


Il Molinaccio Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Spinosa 2015 Song: The Times are a’ Changing by Bob Dylan This little winery, only 10'000 bottles per year, has a peculiar micro-climate in Montepulciano: led by my neighbor and friend Alessandro, Il Molinaccio is located on a slope facing East, so the vines are exposed to sun only during coolest hours of the day, and surrounded by a forest that guarantees a great temperature swing that helps develop beautiful aromas and gives finesse to this Vino Nobile. Raspberry, black pepper, an herbaceous recall to the forest, the key word to describe this wine is: Elegance. Silky tannins, good structure, vibrant, revolutionary. ”Times are a’ changing”: I had never seen a vineyard exposed to East in Montepulciano, a smart solution to approach our summers which are becoming warmer and warmer in the last years. 100% Sangiovese. 2 bts in Shipment. Drink Through 2020-2024. Open 2h Before. Price range: $28 

Albatreti Brunello di Montalcino 2015 Song: Five Years by David Bowie Five years long was the agonizing wait for the release of Brunello di Montalcino 2015, one of the best vintages of the last decades and trust me, it was worth it. I fell in love with this gem, made by Mr Gaetano Salvioni in extremely limited production(5000 bottles): a warm, generous, lascivious Brunello. Hints of black cherry, ripe plum, dark chocolate: lustful palate, deep and harmonious, extremely rich taste supported by a great freshness and balance. A triumph of Montalcino’s terroir, a hidden gem destined for greatness. 100% Sangiovese. 1bt. Drink 2020-2022. Open 3h before. $65 

Monteraponi Chianti Classico 2017 Song: A Little less Conversation by Elvis remix by JXL The coldest and trendy area for Chianti Classico is definitely Radda in Chianti: Sangiovese here is always palatable, deep, earthy. Monteraponi is now one of most iconic estates in the region, thanks to its fearless leader Michele Braganti who brought this winery to the top in the last 10 years.  Vines are located 450-570 mts ASL in an area rich in vegetation. Result is a stunning Sangiovese, with intense notes of violet, raspberry and green pepper, warm, silky and gentle with a beautiful savory finish. Despite warm 2017 vintage, alcohol content is only 13%. I believe that Chianti Classico is like Elvis: always trendy, good for all occasions, intense, with a rock’n’roll soul. 95% Sangiovese, 5% Canaiolo. 2 bt. Drink 2020-2024. Open 2h before. $ 35 

Scarpa ‘La Selva di Moirano’ Brachetto 2017 Song: She’s a Rainbow by The Rolling Stones Get ready to expand your horizons and experience something new and unique, the only dry Brachetto in the world. In my recent visit to this iconic estate of Piedmont, famous for the best Barbera in the world, my taste buds where tantalized by this wine: a kaleidoscopic, multicolored, aromatic red. Usually this grape is vinified as a sweet-sparkling wine in order to underline the light structure and the floral and fruity notes: here, vinified as a dry red, this wine offers a stunning result, light structure, an explosion of aromas and colors. Kinky, fresh and harmonious, this Brachetto will be a perfect companion on a warm summer day, try to serve it at slightly lower temperature.100% Brachetto. 1 bt. Drink 2020-2021.Open 1h before. $30- *Serve 14C/57F                                        

Passopisciaro Passorosso Etna Doc 2017 2017 Song: Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple Quoting Mr Franchetti, the visionary genius of Tuscan and then Sicilian wines: “Mt. Etna was a gloomy abandoned volcano. Wineries lay collapsed all over its slopes; stonewalled terraces disappeared everywhere up the mountain in the bushes. There was the misery of blackened streets and ashen churches in large old towns. It seemed crazy to restore vineyards so high up the mountain – above, it was erupting – but I liked that they were planted so high.” Altitude, here between 450-1000 meters ASL, is the new frontier to fight climate change especially in the South of Italy: Mt. Etna is the symbol of the renaissance of Sicilian wine. Temperature swings, ventilation, steepness of hillsides and an incredible soil rich in lava and volcanic ashes are the perfect habitat for the vines(80-110 years old in this case!). The result is good structure, complexity, minerality that leads to savory finish: aromas of ripe wild berry, blood orange, Mediterranean scrub, eucalyptus, flint. A monument to Nerello Mascalese and to a magic smoking Volcano, symbol of this enchanting region. 100% Nerello Mascalese. 2bts. Drink 2020-2023. Open 2h before. $38 

Produttori di Carema Carema Doc Riserva 2015 Song: Hey You by Pink Floyd A great Nebbiolo made by this Wine Cooperative, active in the incredible town of Carema, Northern Piedmont, where hillsides are so steep that the 101 small growers had to build terraces with walls of stones, contributing to the beauty of landscape. Scents of Maraschino cherry, red rose and wild flowers, cola: palate is complex, velvety and savory, with a pleasant freshness to balance the structure. A great wine in which it is possible to appreciate the effort of each one of the 101 small growers from Carema, who work hard for the preservation of the landscape of the area while making a great wine: as the Pink Floyd would say in this great tune taken by iconic album The Wall, ‘Together we stand, divided we fall’ 100% Nebbiolo. 2bts in shipment. Drink 2020-2022. Open 2h before. $35 

Triacca Sassella Valtellina Doc 2016 Song Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles Another Nebbiolo from the mountains, made in the heart of Valtellina, beautiful region in the Alps on the border with Switzerland, where steep slopes facing South are terraced in order to protect the soil from erosion and to guarantee a great exposure to sun. Valtellina is the symbol of so-called ‘eroic viticulture’, in which all work is done by hand and time is marked by patience and tenacity. Sassella is the most important area of production of the region, where the ‘Nebbiolo of the Alps’ has its sublimation. An intriguing red with hints of wild rose, small red berries, licorice. Robust structure with a velvety tannin and a flinty mineral impact in the mouth, due to the rocky soil of the Alps. A sip of this wine is like a warm day of spring, when “ Here comes the sun”, after a “long cold lonely winter” 100% Nebbiolo(Chiavennasca). 1bt. Drink 2020-2022. Open 1h before. $25 

Triacca Sforzato di Valtellina San Domenico Docg 2015 Song: Nessun Dorma, Turandot act 3 by Giacomo Puccini performed by Pavarotti. Everyone knows Amarone, not many people know Sforzato(Sfursat) and this is a great chance for me to introduce another incredible full bodied, sturdy, concentrated wine made with the vinification of dried grapes, this time with Nebbiolo grape from the Alps. Robust, rich, warm and gentle like the voice of the best Tenor of our times, Luciano Pavarotti, in one of his most iconic performances, Turandot. Mineral and sapid due to the rocky soil of the Alps, this wine is a great alternative to Amarone and one of the most important dry reds made from dried grapes in the country. 100% Nebbiolo(Chiavennasca). 1bt. Drink 2020-2026. Open 5h before or decant 1h. $49 

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