Hello Everyone, 

Since, in this crazy time for us all, you cannot travel to Montepulciano, we decided to bring Montepulciano to your home, with this is the special selection made by our Sommelier Francesco with the participation of Mr. Andrea and Mrs. Angela Brettoni from beautiful Resort Villa Cicolina.

Enjoy these magnificent Vino Nobile  with the elegance and warmth of Sangiovese blended with this incredible terroir, rich in history and knowledge, where the Etruscans started making wine more than 20 centuries ago.

While we are sure that opening a bottle of Vino Nobile will bring your memories back to our beloved hometown, we are looking forward to open our doors to you all for another beautiful holiday...under the Tuscan sun!


Here the selection of Francesco's favorites:


  • 2 Bts Villa Cicolina Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 2015. The Gentle one
  • 1 Bt Montemercurio Nobile Selezione Damo 2011 . The Legacy
  • 1 Bt Montemercurio Nobile Messaggero 2015 . The Perky one
  • 1 Bt Tenuta di Gracciano della Seta  Nobile Riserva 2015 . The Velvet
  • 1 Bt Il Macchione Nobile Riserva 2015 . The Rustic one
  • 1 Bt Poliziano Nobile Asinone 2015. The Power
  • 1 Bt Maria Caterina Dei Nobile Riserva Bossona 2013 . The Structure
  • 1 Bt Avignonesi Nobile Grandi Annate 2013 . The Natural one
  • 1 Bt La Casella Nobile Riserva 2015. The Traditional
  • 1 Bt Tiberini Nobile 2015. The Warmth
  • 1 Bt Talosa Riserva 2014. The Freshness


All this to the special price of 475€ instead of 500€, do not miss this opportunity!

 Shipping price to USA 40€(instead of 90€!), Europe 30€, UK 34€. 

Villa Cicolina Deals: Montepulciano to your home!

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