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Tiberini Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva Docg 2015

This wine is produced only in years of excellent quality, when in the second half of October we hand harvest in a small vineyard of 1.5 hectares called Vigneto Fossatone, the best grapes of Prugnolo Gentile (90%), Canaiolo (5%) and Mammolo (5%). The grapes, after a cold pre-maceration stage, takes place an alcoholic fermentation, in 50 hl cement tanks at a controlled temperature with frequent repassings and delestages, and a final light pressings of the skins, to support the maximum extraction of their natural components. Ageing in wood is normally done in in 500 l and in 25 hl French oak barrels of different origin ( Allier, Vosges) for about 40/42 months, this to permit the best maturation of the wine and absolutely not print it with the oak, but with the intention to protect the vintages and to the characteristics of the product that born in this territory end in this vineyard called Vigneto Fossatone. After an ulterior period of rest, the wine is bottled and before to be put on the market the wine is aged and refined for 8/10 months in bottle. Vino Nobile Riseva Vigneto Fossatone is ruby red in colour, tending to garnet; its smell reminds of ripe and red berries with a slight scent of “Coscia di Monaca”, the typical plum of Montepulciano present in all our wines, besides a light trace of spices, tobacco and pepper. The taste is fullbodied and robust, round, well-balanced, with a hint of tannin and important acidity. This wine is faithful to our wine-producing conception that want respect the our territory and his history and typicality, it wonderfully represents all the main characters of the small vineyard where the grapes of this are born, where the magnificent display in the sun and the winds and the terrain consists of Pliocene origin with sands, clays and stones, giving to the wine a particular balance of body and elegance.

Tiberini Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva Docg 2015

  • 90% Sangiovese 5% Canaiolo 5% Mammolo

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