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Tenute del Cerro Vin Santo Doc di Montepulciano 2013

the beautiful golden bunches of grapes, lying on reeds during the winter, are a pleasant sight for all Tuscan people and the best way to prepare a good Vinsanto. Pulcinculo (Grechetto) and Trebbiano bunches are handpicked and they are spread upon the reeds. At Fattoria del Cerro the grapes are placed to wither in the loft of the “Podere Argiano”. It is a place with a good ventilation and perfect humidity levels that allow the grapes to be well preserved until January/ February, the period of the winepressing. Kegs preserve Vinsanto at least for three years (they are never opened), to generate those flavours and aromas that no other dessert wines can develop. This is the magic mystery of Vinsanto, something that captures and frightens at the same time oenologists and wine specialists.



3 years in oak of 50lt, 100lt and barriques of 225lt capacity



15 years

Tenute del Cerro Vin Santo Doc di Montepulciano 2013

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€26.90Sale Price
  • 80% Trebbiano 10% Malvasia 10% Grechetto

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