Corte Alla Flora Rosato di Toscana Igt 2016

Vinification: hand-picked in perforated boxes, destemming-crusching. The pressing is gentle and the different portion of must are collected separately. Cold settling for a night and pumping off the clear juice (débourbage). The fermentation occurs with selected yeasts at 18°C for two weeks. Malolactic fermentation is inhibited by cold temperatures (+10°C). Blending, fining, and bottling just after the vintage.


Organoleptic characteristics:


Colour: Bright cherry rosé.


Bouquet: the wine is fresh, young, the nose reveals fruit, flowers and fragrant notes. Wild strwberries, currants, yeast and mineral shades.


Flavour: A well balanced wine, very good fruit and well bodied. The lenght in the mouth is good. The acidity is important and represent the real structure of wine

Corte Alla Flora Rosato di Toscana Igt 2016

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  • 100% Sangiovese

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