Brovia Barolo Docg 2013

Vintage period and management: The manual harvest of the grapes takes place at the half of October.

Fermentation: With controlled temperature (about 28°C) for a period of 15 – 20 days.

Ageing and refining: The ageing takes place in Slavonia and French oak (mid size and big barrels), where the wine is allowed to mature for 2 years.After the ageing, the wine is put in the bottles without any filtration.The refining is carried out in a place at constant temperature and right humidity, protected from sunlight and artificial light.

Tasting properties: The particular composition of the ground confers on the wine a great balance in the scent and in the structure. The colour is intense red. The smell is heterogeneous, with a clean scent of dry and sweet fruit and floral aromas.The wine is full bodied with a solid acidity that gives it more longevity suitable to stand the test of time.

Recommended with: This wine is suitable for tasty and elaborate meat dishes and for dry mature cheeses.

Brovia Barolo Docg 2013

  • 100% Nebbiolo

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