Vin Santo di Montepulciano DOCG

100% Sangiovese


In the January after the harvest, in new 50-litre half-barriques made of French oak, after the grapes have been dried in traditional upright frames.

Maturation and ageing

In the same half-barriques for at least 6 years and in the bottle for another year.

Sensory characteristics and recommended pairings

The nose is remarkably complex and intensely aromatic, with deep balsamic notes and overtones of dried fruit, prunes and caramelised figs; on the palate, it is rich and dense, with a sophisticated tannic weave and a sustained acidity that pleasantly balance the sweet sensations. A very long sipping wine. Also excellent with dark-chocolate desserts or mature cheeses.

Bindella Vinsanto Dolce Sinfonia Occhio di Pernice 0,375 LT 2004

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  • 100% Sangiovese

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