FALL 2020


Theme of the Shipment: “MONTEPULCIANO IS NOBILE ” 

These wines have been selected by our staff of sommeliers, we firmly believe that this selection represents the best we can offer in this price range.  

In these strange times, since most of our members could not make it to Italy due to Covid restrictions, Francesco has decided to bring Montepulciano and Italy to your home, with a stunning selection of wines by the six most important Vino Nobile wineries, this time paired with the greatest Italian songs. This is our way to show how great the Terroir of Montepulciano is and how many beautiful Italian songs have marked the 20th Century for our beloved country: we consider this selection as the perfect combination of the  ‘Greatest hits of Montepulciano Wines and Italian Music’.


Salcheto Vino Nobile Cru Vecchie Viti Salco 2015 Song: Gli Uomini non Cambiano by Mia Martini. The earhty,  raspy and incredibly intense voice of Mia Martini is a perfect match to this brand new Vino Nobile, result of the older vines (29-31 years old) of one of most iconic Single Vineyards of Montepulciano, Salco. Bouquet is luxuriant, rich and the aroma pervades the glass with a powerful intensity and variety of flavors: notes of cramberries, currant, tilled earth, ink, dried rose and leather. Palate is fragrant and broad, extremely coherent with the boquet showing a rich aftertaste of berries and a majestic tannin which dominates the finish. A wine of terroir, an example of remarkable quality and complexity due to the amazing work of maintenance of these old vines by this great Organic and eco-sustainable winery: an extraordinary heritage for the whole appellation.  100% Sangiovese. 2 bts in Shipment. Drink Through 2020-2030. Open 4h Before. Price range: $ 75

Boscarelli Nobile Riserva ‘Sotto Casa’ 2015  Song: I Migliori Anni della Nostra Vita by Renato Zero. Renato Zero is without doubt the most intense and multicolored performer of Italian music and intensity is also the main adjective that comes to my mind while tasting this wonderful Vino Nobile Riserva. A kaleidoscopic wine with hints of ripe cherry, blueberry, plum, an herbal touch of bell pepper, notes of leather and a slight touch of smoke: broad structure, extremely warm yet perfectly balanced with a creamy tannin and en endless depth. The most ‘international’ wine by Boscarelli with a small percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot that enrich and elevate the structure of a great Sangiovese by one of most iconic estates of Montepulciano, basically an elegant Tuscan gentleman with an elegant French suit. Top notch as usual. 85% Sangiovese, 10% Cab Sauvignon, 5% Merlot. 2bts. Drink 2020-2025. Open 4h before. $60

Poliziano Nobile Cru Asinone 2016 Song: Impressioni di Settembre  by PFM. Asinone is probably the most widely recognizable Vino Nobile, definitely one of most important and iconic Single Vineyards of Tuscany. The Nobile Asinone, named after the ‘Donkey’s back’ shape of the vineyard, represents one of the highest expression of Sangiovese in Montepulciano and the most accomplished synthesis between tradition, territory, and enological innovation: it expresses a recognizable style and a defined character, but also has wide-ranging appeal to international palates. Intense bouquet, rich in complexity and finesse, with hints of ripe red berries, cherry under spirit, pot pourri, leathery notes, sweet chocolate, underwood and a balsamic touch: sip is extremely fulfilling and generous, fresh and slightly mineral for a long-lasting aroma with a creamy tannin. A wine with extraordinaire longevity that can be enjoyed also now despite the relatively young age, if paired with roasted meat or game. Always a safe bet, the Asinone found an incredible consistency throughout the years, bringing Vino Nobile on the Wine lists of the most important restaurants in the world. 100% Sangiovese. 1bt in Shipment. Drink 2020-2026. Open 3h before. $ 55

Poliziano Nobile Cru Caggiole 2016 Song: Vivo per Lei by Andrea Bocelli ft Giorgia. “I live for Her...” very much like this ultimate love song is dedicated to Music by Andrea Bocelli, Mr Carletti from Poliziano dedicated this special wine to Anna, his beloved wife. This Vino Nobile is fruit of an important work that led to the awareness of the very high quality yield of the "Le Caggiole" vineyard that, after being studied, cared for and re-planted, has allowed the production of a great, elegant and refined Sangiovese. Extremely intense with hints of red berries under spirit, tobacco, cocoa and a beautiful mineral note: rich texture, a world-class finesse at the beginning leads to an evolution of a surpising minerality that tantalizes the palate, finishing with a majestically polished tannin that leaves the palate addicted for a second sip. Powerful and elegant, like the voice of Andrea Bocelli, this wine represents a true ‘Sangiovese Masterpiece’ by Mr Carletti. 100% Sangiovese. 1 bt. Drink 2020-2028. Open 4h before. $ 100     


Dei Nobile Riserva ‘Bossona’ 2013 Song: Meraviglioso by Domenico Modugno. “Marvelous, how come you don’t remember how much this world is…marvelous?” a classic song that speaks directly to the heart and seems to describe this colorful, harmonious and warm Vino Nobile. Notes of sour cherry under spirit, berries and walnuts, an intense and lustful bouquet: an extremely soft, warm, polished, gentle and fulfilling taste, this Sangiovese is a masterpiece of elegance and intensity that has just reached its peak. A great wine by Maria Caterina Dei, fearless leader of this great estate, symbol of elegance and commitment for ‘Its Majesty Sangiovese’. 100% Sangiovese. 2 bts in Shipment. Drink 2020-2023.Open 4h before. $ 50

Avignonesi Nobile di Montepulciano Cru ‘El Grasso’ 2016 Song: Caruso by Lucio Dalla. Both  the wonderful voice by Lucio Dalla and El Grasso by Avignonesi are rich,  opulent, warm, harmonious and extremely intense: Virginie Saverys is putting an incredible effort into underlining the different nuances and characteristics of the Sangiovese in the different soils of Montepulciano and this Vino Nobile is the result of years of intense studies and experiments, which lead to an incredible wine, symbol of quality and diversity of our amazing terroir. Intense and opulent with notes of sour cherry under spirit, potpourri, cinnamon and mineral notes due to the ‘blue clay’, extremely rare soil in Tuscany. The palate is rich and broad, a marvelous effluvium of red fruits with a round, yet ‘grippy’, tannin which is perfectly integrated with the structure. The pairing with this popular song will pervade you with nostalgia for Italy, close your eyes and imagine the rolling hills of Montepulciano, sorrounded by vines and breathtaking views. 100% Sangiovese. 1 bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2020-2025. Open 3h before. $ 55

Avignonesi Nobile di Montepulciano Cru ‘Poggetto di Sopra’ 2016 Song: Quando  by Pino Daniele. If Virginie’s main goal was to show the full potential of Sangiovese in Montepulciano and the incredible quality that can be reached in our beloved town, she gave a true masterclass with this work of art. A selection of the best grapes in the Single Vineyard Caprile, planted in 1978. Hints of ripe fruit, red cherry under spirit, sweet chocolate, cinnamon, tobacco and a gentle balsamic note with an herbal touch of freshly cut grass, this Vino Nobile has a broad start in the palate, leading to a mouthwatering minerality, ending with a polished and creamy tannin. Extremely refined, deep and generous, this Vino Nobile does not fear any comparison with the great Sangioveses from other popular areas in Tuscany, a true masterpiece. 100% Sangiovese. 1 bt in Shipment. Drink 2020-2025. Open 3h before. $ 75

La Braccesca Nobile Cru ‘Maggiarino’ 2015 Song: Con Te Partirò by Andrea Bocelli. The Lyrical, gently, deep and warm voice of Andrea Bocelli is a perfect pairing to this great Vino Nobile by iconic Antinori family. Extremely refined bouquet of sour cherry under spirit, cooked fruit, sandalwood, Violet, mushroom and sweet spice of vanilla: palate is polished and elegant, fulfilling and perfectly balanced by a good freshness and a creamy tannin, extremely coherent with the bouquet pervading the mouth with a long-lasting symposium of red fruit and gentle underwood. 100% Sangiovese. 1 bt in Shipment. Drink 2020-2026. Open 4h before. $ 75


La Braccesca Nobile Riserva ‘Santa Pia’ 2016 La Canzone dell’Amore perduto By Fabrizio De André. A great combination of the most important Italian songwriter and poet of the XX century and the most important family in the Italian wine scenario, the Antinori, wine makers since year 1385: both the wine and this song speak about love and passion. This Vino Nobile Riserva is ample and extremely delicate with soft notes of chocolate, tobacco, blueberry and cherry under spirit: delicate notes of sweet spices such as cinnamon and cardamom and a note of sandalwood. Palate is fresh and rhythmical with a vibrant structure with a beautiful round tannin that would match perfectly with roasted meat. 100% Sangiovese. 1 bt in Shipment. Drink 2020-2024. Open 3h before. $ 45

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