FALL 2021



These wines have been selected by Francesco, we firmly believe that this selection represents the best we can offer in this price range. We are proud to present each one of these wines and we hope you will enjoy them till the last drop. Each bottle will be paired with an iconic song that reflects the personality of the wine.


Loacker Corte Pavone ’Anemone al Sole’ Brunello di Montalcino Riserva Docg 2015 Song: Child in Time by Deep Purple. When a mogul of the chocolate industry quits his family’s worldwide popular enterprise because he falls in love with biodynamic farming: this is the story of Loacker winery, that started in 1979 in Sudtirol and in 1996 in Montalcino, when Reiner Loacker arrived (on his bicycle!) in this enchanted land and tasted Brunello for the most classic ‘love at first sight’ kind of story. Pioneer of biodynamic farming applied to wine making, Reiner passed on this passion, spirit and commitment to his 3 sons that now run the estate under the supervision of the father. This Brunello Riserva is the result of a meticulous selection of the best grapes of the estate, a colossal wine with an overwhelming intensity of aromas: dark fruits such as sour cherry under spirit, black currant and prunes, with a delicate note of mushroom that opens to other beautiful spices such as coffee, tobacco , licorice, aromatic herbs and eucalyptus. As soon as the wine opens up, aromas of black leather, sandalwood and graphite comes up, in a beautiful crescendo of different nuances of finest quality. Palate is broad, generous in alcohol but well balanced by a good freshness and a majestic tannin typical of great Sangiovese, with a long, powerful finish. A wine with a hard-rock personality that reminds me of this masterpiece from Deep Purple, in which the singer Ian Gillan reaches insuperable levels of poignancy. 100% Sangiovese. 1 bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2021-2030. Open 5h Before. Price range: $95

Loacker Corte Pavone  cru ‘Fior di Meliloto’ Brunello Docg 2015 Song: Shine on Your Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd.  Fruit of an attentive selection of the best grapes, made with advanced technology in the vineyards with infrared cameras, this cru of Brunello stuns for its intensity, elegance and complexity. The powerful bouquet opens with an explosion of black fruits such as prunes and currant, with a marked note of underwood which appears to be the ‘red thread’ of the North-Western area of Montalcino, with a twist of mushroom and a mineral note of graphite due to the soil: dark and mysterious, the wine reveals new nuances at every swirl, with balsamic notes and a touch of leather and licorice, for an incredible overall quality of all the components. In the palate, this Brunello is generous, lascivious and warm, yet perfectly balanced by a great freshness and a majestic tannin, with a never-ending explosion of succulent sour cherry and dark fruits in the mouth. For complexity, depth and finesse, Pink Floyd are a perfect match with this wine. 100% Sangiovese. 1 bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2021-2028. Open 4h Before. Price range: $75

Tenuta di Valgiano Colline Lucchesi Doc 2015  Song: Behind Blue Eyes by The Who. One of the pioneers of Biodynamic farming in Italy, Tenuta di Valgiano is a wonderful microcosm, located in Lucca between the Thyrrenian sea and the Appennini mountains , in which a beautiful synergy of soil, people and nature creates a harmonious environment for top-quality wines. Led by Moreno and Laura, Valgiano is now the main inspiration for all the producers in the area of Lucca and for all the biodynamic lovers in the country. ‘Tenuta di Valgiano Colline Lucchesi Doc’ is the flagship of the winery and landmark of a whole area that, surrounded by more popular appellations such as Bolgheri and Chianti Classico, is growing fast in these years. Smell is intense and stuns for its elegance, with notes of blood orange, black currant, vintage leather, dried iris and aromatic herbs, with touches of sweet pepper and tobacco. Palate is rich, extraordinary elegant, with a remarkable impact and a progression of red fruits, a firm tannin of majestic refinement and a sapid, succulent, endless finish. 60% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot, 20% Syrah. 1bt in Shipment . Drink Through 2021-2027. Open 4h before. Price $105

Croce di Febo ‘Amore mio’ Vino Nobile Riserva Docg 2015 Song: A Garota de Ipanema by Antonio Carlos Jobim & Frank Sinatra. “A combination of the knowledge of our past with modern know-how while respecting nature”, this is the idea of wine making of Maurizio, fearless leader of this gem in Montepulciano: following the principles of organic and biodynamic farming, Maurizio offers a great lineup of wines whose quality, finesse and expressiveness are second to none. A stunning Sangiovese, result of an attentive synergy between soil, grape, wine maker and great vintage: the warmth of the Summer 2015 can be felt in the intensity of aromas of this wine, with a maraschino cherry, black currants, chocolate, tobacco and a herbal touch of sage. Palate is coherent with the bouquet, with great intensity but quintessential elegance and balance, with a broad structure well balanced by a good freshness, a creamy tannin with a lingering finish, in which the ferrous sapidity due to the soil rich in iron intersects with an explosion of red fruits. The warmth of ‘the Voice’ of Frank Sinatra and this Brazilian masterpiece is the perfect soundtrack to this elegant and refined Vino Nobile Riserva. 100% Sangiovese. 2 bts in Shipment. Drink Through 2021-2025. Open 3h Before. Price range: $50


Az. Agr. Colle Santa Mustiola ‘Poggio ai Chiari’ Igt 2006 Song: Into my Arms by Nick Cave. Fabio Cenni has devoted his life to Sangiovese, recovering the heritage of the old family farm located in Chiusi(16 miles from Montepulciano), with 28 different clones of this incredible grape selected by him: Fabio now produces the finest Sangioveses outside the main appellations, in a unique setting, with spectacular cellar situated in an Etruscan tomb(dated back to the 25th Century BC!), overlooking the lakes of the region that guarantee the perfect climatic conditions for a high-quality wine. Poggio ai Chiari, for quality and longevity, is an icon among Sangiovese lovers and this 2006 is now in incredible shape, offering a bouquet of quintessential finesse and complexity : sour cherry, dried violet, dark fruit, with shades of cigar box, dark chocolate, old leather and mushroom, with an intriguing Campari character that tends to candied Orange peel. An incredible and unique Sangiovese, powerful and deep yet elegant, with a silky, polished tannin and a palate that evolves in many different flavors such as sour cherry under spirit, tobacco, herbs and potpourri flowers. Deep, spiritual and meaningful, like this poignant ballad by Nick Cave that melts my heart every time I listen to it.  100% Sangiovese(28 clones!). 1 bt in shipment. Drink Through 2021-2026.Open 5h before. $78

Az. Agr. Colle Santa Mustiola ‘Poggio ai Chiari’ Igt 2007 Song: Since I’ve Been Loving You by Led Zeppelin. Another incredible wine from the iconic estate led by Fabio Cenni, showing the longevity and finest quality of this beautiful Sangiovese. Compared to the 2006 vintage, the 2007 plays more on the intensity due to the warmer summer: the bouquet is refined, with a powerful note of maraschino cherry, prune, dried violet, old leather, wet forest, tobacco and a balsamic touch. Palate has bigger impact than the 2006 with a bigger structure, perfectly supported by a pleasant freshness and by an overall incredible quality, with a creamy tannin that fulfills the palate along with an intense sensation of sour cherry and tobacco. Intense and lascivious like this iconic ballad by the(in my opinion) greatest Rock band of all time. 100% Sangiovese(28 clones!). 1 bt. Drink Through 2021-2026.Open 4h before. $75

Stefano Amerighi Syrah Cortona Doc 2018  Song: Happiness is a Warm Gun by The Beatles. It would be unthinkable to have a selection of Biodynamic wines without the iconic Syrah made by the ‘prophet’ of the new generation of the genre, Stefano Amerighi,  wine maker in Cortona since 2002: Stefano is, at all effect, the charismatic leader of the ‘movement’ not only in Tuscany but all over Italy and this wine is widely considered as the best Syrah of the country also by the so-called ‘conventionalists’. Following all the dictates of Biodynamic in the vineyard with an attentive care for the plants and the soil, Stefano is committed to preserve the characteristics of both the grape and terroir in the cellar, with spontaneous fermentation(indigenous yeasts only), grape stomping in order to have a more gentle crushing of the clusters and no filtrations nor clarifications of the wine. The result is a pure, outspoken wine, with a marked note of black pepper typical of the Syrah, blueberry, maraschino cherry, iris, tobacco and graphite(pencil) for an incredible overall expressiveness and elegance. Palate is frank, intense with a great rhythm, a crescendo of flavors such as black pepper, iris and maraschino cherry, with a perfect balance among all components such as freshness, alcohol and a firm yet beautifully integrated tannin, offering a savory and lingering finish of the finest quality. A true champion, the highest expression of Syrah in Italy, made by the John Lennon of Italian Byodinamic. 100% Syrah. 1bt in Shipment . Drink Through 2021-2026. Open 2h before. Price range $37    

Avignonesi ‘I Grifi’ Supertuscan Igt 2018 Song: War Pigs by Black Sabbath. Under the fearless leadership of Virginie Saverys, Avignonesi has become a true ambassador of the biodynamic production in the last decade, combining the commitment for great wines with the respect for the environment. I Grifi is one of the iconic Supertuscans of the winery, result of the blend of Sangiovese and Carbernet Sauvignon from the estate located in Montepulciano. The wine is robust and intense, with an intriguing bouquet of black currants, black cherry, dried violet, herbs and a marked note of coffee, with a touch of cocoa and leather. Palate is fresh, warm and vibrant, with a lingering finish of dark fruits and a firm tannin typical of the Cab Sauvignon. A revolutionary, beautiful expression of the terroir of Montepulciano, applied to a high-quality Supertuscan, for a wine that shows how Biodynamic wines can be ‘Hard-Rock’, muscular and well-structured too! 50.3% Sangiovese, 49.7% Cab Sauvignon. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2021-2026. Open 2h before. Price Range 42$

Tenuta di Valgiano ‘Palistorti’ Rosso Colline Lucchesi Doc 2019 Song: Tender by The Blur. ‘Palistorti’ is the younger red of the winery and shows a beautiful exuberance and a very precise expressiveness, with notes of red currants, sour cherry, dried violet and intriguing notes of licorice, leather, tobacco, with a final touch of eucalyptus. Palate has a beautiful texture and shows a perfect equilibrium, with a fresh and vibrant personality, a long lasting sensation of red fruits and a round, polished tannin. The wine reminds me of one of my favorite rock-pop ballads from the 90s, Tender by the Blur, for its structure and harmony with all the components. 70% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot, 10% Syrah. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2021-2026. Open 2h before. Price range $ 34

Querciabella Chianti Classico Riserva Docg 2016 Song: Red House by Jimi Hendrix. Organic since 1988, Biodynamic since 2000, the estate led by Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni, was an innovator and an inspiration for the whole industry and their wines have always shined for their elegance, expressiveness and longevity. Querciabella have always combined the Biodynamic farming techniques with the use of French oak and small barrels but still preserving the true character of the wines produced in the Tuscan soil and this beautiful Chianti Classico Riserva confirms the trend, showing a gentle vanilla character, intense and wide bouquet in which all components are elegant and precise: plum, sour cherry, wild rose, a herbal touch of Mediterranean scrub, dark chocolate, tobacco and an earthy side of tilled soil, for a stunning overall quality. Palate is intense and powerful, with a grippy tannin at the end: fruit is overwhelming in the palate with a sensation of maraschino cherry and notes of black currant in the mouth. Wine is warm and extremely refined, showing a great aging potential but still enjoyable right now, with a beautiful rustic charm of a top-end Chianti Classico, perfect with noble poultry, roasted meat and some classic blues music. 100% Sangiovese. 1 bt in shipment. Drink Through 2021-2026.Open 3h before. Price range $55

Querciabella Chianti Classico Riserva Docg 1998 Song: Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. I am so glad to be able to show the evolution of the same wine, presenting 2 vintages made 18 years apart: this Chianti Classico Riserva 1998 is a huge slap in the face of the ones saying that Biodynamic wines and Sangiovese aged in small barrels don’t age well, since this wine shows great character and balance despite being 23 years old, in fact it has not even reached its full potential yet! The wine has a beautiful dark garnet color that commands respect: the bouquet is and endless surprise of different shades, a kaleidoscopic crescendo of perfumes and nuances, with an overall majestic quality of all the components that create a paradisiac symphony of aromas and it is hard to not being overwhelmed with emotions while describing this masterpiece. Notes of cherry under spirit, dried rose and Cointreau-style orange peel, cigar box and chocolate of finest quality, with earthy notes of mushroom, pencil, vintage leather and a beautiful balsamic aspect of eucalyptus and menthol typical of aged Sangiovese, for an infinite complexity and a transcendental quality of all the components. Palate is majestic, the structure is just perfect with a surprising acidity(wine is still kicking!) and a creamy, polished tannin with a good grip, that means that the wine can go for another few years, if not decades! What stuns me the most, is the coherence between the smell and the taste of the wine, with an effluvium of spectacular flavors such as orange peel, cherry under spirits, leather and dark chocolate, with a touch of raw meat due to the soil rich in Iron. A wine that shows the incredible qualities of Sangiovese and can be paired only with the most popular rock song of all time! 100% Sangiovese. 1 bt in shipment. Drink Through 2021-2025. Open 6h before. Price Range $110