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Perbacco wine club presents: Italian delicatessen to your home!

Do you miss Italy and Italian food? Would you like to impress your friends and family for Thanksgiving and Christmas with some fresh Pecorino or real truffle products?


After many requests, we finally elaborated 2 Food Package Deals for the weight of 8 and 12 Kilograms, so we will be able to bring some fresh and amazing products to your home with express delivery. 

All products are freshly made and can last for months, we will send the package as soon as we will harvest our Olive Trees and press the 2020 Olive Oil, approximately around November 3rd. 


Our Products suppliers:

  • Frantoio Buraschi, Montepulciano: The Olive mill where we are processing the olives from our garden, 300 olive trees for an average production of 200 liters.

  • La Buca Nuova, Montepulciano/Pienza: The Pecorino factory located between Montepulciano and Pienza, run by the Cugusi family.

  • Molino della Valdorcia, Pienza: Amedeo making pasta at his own Mill with the flour from his land in the heart of Valdorcia.

  • Mirko Tartufi, Cortona: Mirko is the king of truffles in all Tuscany. His truffle products are made with actual truffles for a unique flavor and they are used by dozens Michelin starred restaurants in Europe.

  • Aldo Paolini Cicolina's Farm, Montepulciano: Aldo is our garden's neighbor, we live so close that we got stung by his bees quite a few times, but it's worth the pain to have fresh Honey made next to us!

  • Acetaia Giusti, Modena: Since 1605, the oldest Balsamic Vinegar producers in Italy. An institution for Balsamico, the products of Giusti are always a synonym of the finest quality.

  • Natura d'Oriente: top quality pasta spices, to add an intense and original flavor to your pastas and preparations. 

  • A special surprise by Francesco, personalized aprons with the Perbacco Wine Club logo!


Shipping included to USA, UK and Europe. 


*It is not possible to change products, the only product that can be bought separately is the Olive Oil. 

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