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FALL 2021



These wines have been selected by Francesco, we firmly believe that this selection represents the best we can offer in this price range. We are proud to present each one of these wines and we hope you will enjoy them till the last drop. Each bottle will be paired with an iconic song that reflects the personality of the wine.


Loacker Corte Pavone Rosso di Montalcino Doc 2018 Song: Happy by Pharrell Williams. When a mogul of the chocolate industry quits his family’s worldwide popular enterprise because he falls in love with biodynamic farming: this is the story of Loacker winery, that started in 1979 in Sudtirol and in 1996 in Montalcino, when Reiner Loacker arrived (on his bicycle!) in this enchanted land and tasted Brunello for the most classic ‘love at first sight’ kind of story. Pioneer of biodynamic farming applied to wine making, Reiner passed on this passion, spirit and commitment to his 3 sons that now run the estate under the supervision of the father. This Rosso di Montalcino is pleasant, sincere, immediate and unblushing with a beautiful floral character of wild rose, crunchy cherry and red currant with a light note of underwood which is the ‘red thread’ of the winery and of the North-Western area of Montalcino. In the mouth is vibrant, refreshing, straightforward with a pleasant sapidity and a beautiful fruity aftertaste, for an overall dangerous drinkability: extremely enjoyable, this wine has a pop-music type of personality 100% Sangiovese. 1 bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2021-2023. Open 1h Before. Price range: $19

Loacker Corte Pavone Brunello di Montalcino Docg 2015 Song: Lean on Me by Bill Withers. A great Brunello in which the warmth of the 2015 vintage can be felt in the glass, with a great intensity and quality of aromas such as maraschino cherry, dried violet, musk, leather, dried tobacco, graphite(pencil case) and an earthy note of underwood which appears to be the ‘red thread’ of the winery and of the North-Western area of Montalcino. Palate is generous in alcohol and robust in structure, yet fresh and extremely balanced, with a beautiful progression of fruits(blueberry, maraschino cherry) and an elegant note of tobacco, for a long-lasting finish that ends with a beautiful, polished tannin. Deep, meaningful and earthy like this beautiful soul-blues ballad. 100% Sangiovese. 1 bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2021-2028. Open 3h Before. Price range: $55

Croce di Febo Nobile di Montepulciano Docg 2017 Song: What’s up by 4 Non Blondes. “A combination of the knowledge of our past with modern know-how while respecting nature”, this is the idea of wine making of Maurizio, fearless leader of this gem in Montepulciano: following the principles of organic and biodynamic farming, Maurizio offers a great lineup of wines whose quality, finesse and expressiveness are second to none. In this Vino Nobile you can feel the heat of the 2017 Vintage, with a stunningly intense and complex bouquet that opens with a fruity side of Maraschino cherry and black currants, with a floral touch of violet, herbs and a leathery aroma, ending in an intriguing ferrous character, due to the soil rich in iron, that evolves in notes of raw meat.  Palate is warm but supported with a pleasant freshness and a long-lasting ferrous-type minerality: the tannin is ‘Alternative-Rock’, firm on your lips and gums, yet masterfully handled considering the difficulties of the 2017 Vintage, and perfectly integrated in the structure. A beautiful Vino Nobile that perfectly expresses the concept of ‘Terroir’ with a great synergy between the soil and the wine maker. 80% Sangiovese, 20% Colorino, Canaiolo, Mammolo. 2bts in Shipment. Drink Through 2021-2025. Open 2h before. Price range $29


Querciabella ‘Mongrana’ Maremma Doc 2019 Song: Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars. Organic since 1988, Biodynamic since 2000, the estate led by Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni, was an innovator and an inspiration for the whole industry and their wines have always shined for their elegance, expressiveness and longevity. Aged in cement and stainless steel, without the use of oak, Mongrana is Querciabella’s wine made in the heart of Maremma, beautiful valley located close to the Tuscan shores: the wine shows the generosity of this land, with well-defined bouquet of Maraschino Cherry, red currant, raspberries and notes of sweet chocolate with a touch of sweet coffee with beautiful floral notes of Iris. The palate is juicy and vibrant, supported by a pleasant freshness, a soft tannin, a nice savoriness and a long-lasting aroma of red fruits that reveal a funky-pop personality for this dangerously enjoyable wine. 50% Sangiovese, 25% Merlot, 25% Cab Sauvignon. 2 bts in shipment. Drink Through 2021-2023.Open 1h before. Price range $25

Az. Agr. Colle Santa Mustiola Vigna Flavia Igt 2013 Song: Superstition by Stevie Wonder. Fabio Cenni has devoted his life to Sangiovese, recovering the heritage of the old family farm located in Chiusi(16 miles from Montepulciano), with 28 different clones of this incredible grape selected by him: Fabio now produces the finest Sangioveses outside the main appellations, in a unique setting, with spectacular cellar situated in an Etruscan tomb(dated 25th Century BC!), overlooking the lakes of the region that guarantee the perfect climatic conditions for a high-quality wine. Vigna Flavia is the ‘Entry level wine’ of the winery, but ages more than a Brunello(total of 7 years of which 54 months in Big barrels), this shows how Fabio commits to top-quality standards and releases its wines only when they are ready to drink. A quintessential Sangiovese, with notes of crunchy red cherry, red currant, an elegant balsamic touch of eucalyptus and sage, tobacco, leather and a slight note of tilled earth. Palate is vertical, vibrant, rhythmic, with a beautiful crescendo of red fruits that underline the freshness of the wine and ends in a creamy tannin and a lingering sapid finish. A wine with a funky ‘groove’, like this masterpiece by Stevie Wonder. 100% Sangiovese(5 clones). 2 bts in shipment. Drink Through 2021-2025.Open 3h before. Price range $37

Az. Agr. Farina Pierino ‘Schiantolo’ Vino Nobile Docg 2018 Song: Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf.  The Farina family, led by the father Pierino and Lillo, runs one of the smallest wineries in Montepulciano with passion, respect and hard work: their goal is to make a wine with a marked Tuscan personality, tailored on their own palate and mostly produced for their friends, so I am glad to introduce you in a beautiful, intimate microcosm of Tuscan-ness. Produced in the small estate created by ‘Nonno Beppino’ in the 1940s, in the extremely limited quantity of 1900 bottles, this Vino Nobile is intense, straight-forward and extremely sincere, like its wine maker Lillo Farina: an intense aroma of maraschino cherry, red currant, gracious floral notes of iris and violet, tobacco and Tuscan Leather. Palate is fresh, straight-forward, vibrant, vertical and outspoken, with a tight tannin at the end that pairs perfectly with hard cheese and meat. A beautiful, wild, sincere expression of Vino Nobile, a wine with a strong Rock personality. 100% Sangiovese. 1bt in shipment. Drink Through 2021-2024. Open 3h before. Price range $ 28

Tenute Dettori ‘Renosu’ Rosso Romangia Igt 2019 Song: Stubborn Love by The Lumineers. Pride for the tradition and unconditional love for their land: the Dettori family makes wines in the beautiful, unspoiled Island of Sardinia, in the heart of the Mediterranean sea. Their wines reflect the personality of the island and its inhabitants: strong, stubborn, intense and extremely generous. The Dettoris have never used chemicals and have always worked hard with utmost respect for their beloved land, producing fabulous wines and becoming one of the symbols for the renaissance of Sardinian and Biodynamic Wines. The ‘Renosu’ is a blend of the 3 most important grapes of the Romangia area, where the winery is located. An extraordinarily intense red, with marked notes of black cherry, black currant, prunes, dried figs, dried violets and a beautiful touch of Mediterranean scrubs with oregano and thyme: a wine with a well-defined personality. Palate is defined by a pleasant contrast between the vibrant freshness and a sweet sensation due to a small percentage of residual sugar(8g/L) that creates an intriguing effect and balances the impetuosity of this young wine, softening both the freshness and the tannin, with a pleasant brackish savoriness. 50% Cannonau, 25% Monica, 25% Pascale. 1bt in Shipment . Drink through 2021-2022. Open and drink. Price $ 19

Tenuta di Valgiano ‘Palistorti’ Rosso Colline Lucchesi Doc 2019 Song: Tender by The Blur. One of the pioneers of Biodynamic farming in Italy, Tenuta di Valgiano is a wonderful microcosm, located in Lucca, in which a beautiful synergy of soil, people and nature creates a harmonious environment for top-quality wines. Led by Moreno and Laura, Valgiano is now the main inspiration for all the producers in the area of Lucca and for all the biodynamic lovers in the country. ‘Palistorti’ is the younger red of the winery and shows a beautiful exuberance and a very precise expressiveness, with notes of red currants, sour cherry, dried violet and intriguing notes of licorice, leather, tobacco, with a final touch of eucalyptus. Palate has a beautiful texture and shows a perfect equilibrium, with a fresh and vibrant personality, a long lasting sensation of red fruits and a round, polished tannin. The wine reminds me of one of my favorite rock-pop ballads from the 90s, Tender by the Blur, for its structure and harmony with all the components.  70% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot, 10% Syrah. 1bt. Drink Through 2021-2026. Open 2h before. Price $ 34

Avignonesi ‘I Grifi’ Supertuscan Igt 2018 Song: War Pigs by Black Sabbath.  Under the fearless leadership of Virginie Saverys, Avignonesi has become a true ambassador of biodynamic production in the last decade, combining the commitment for great wines with the respect for the environment. I Grifi is one of the iconic Supertuscans of the winery, result of the blend of Sangiovese and Carbernet Sauvignon from the estate located in Montepulciano. The wine is robust and intense, with an intriguing bouquet of black currants, black cherry, dried violet, herbs and a marked note of coffee, with a touch of cocoa and leather. Palate is fresh, warm and vibrant, with a lingering finish of dark fruits and a firm tannin typical of the Cab Sauvignon. A revolutionary, beautiful expression of the terroir of Montepulciano, applied to a high-quality Supertuscan, for a wine that shows how Biodynamic wines can be ‘Hard-Rock’, muscular and well-structured too! 50.3% Sangiovese, 49.7% Cab Sauvignon. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2021-2026. Open 2h before. Price Range 42$